Let me help you to build
hit your TARGETS.

Without being SPAMMY.

  • Businesses need sales quickly without spamming their clients.
  • Customer Centric, Outbound Training for Teams or Individuals.
  • Stop doing MORE and start doing BETTER, this is how to sell in 2022.
  • Sales training flipped on its head to secure proven results.
“Want to improve your prospecting? Then your secret weapon is Mark. Real-world, down to earth actionable strategies that will help you. He has shown me genuine ways to engage with potential clients and to do it in a way that is courteous, professional and works. If you want to build a repeatable sales methodology for yourself or your team then Mark is your One Stop Shop.”

Nick Vines

Technology leader helping businesses to do more.
“Mark & I worked together to improve my selling skills over the period of a month or so. As a result of that training my confidence and results surpassed my expectations. I am now securing more appointments than anyone else in my business. I’m much more confident, successful and happier as a seller as a direct result of the engagement with Mark.”

Ben Miller

BDM | B2B | Helping Businesses with Enterprise Solution Sales & Digital Transformations | Intranets | Portals | Websites
“Mark is a highly reliable resource who is equally invested to assist growing sales teams capability through the use of tailored sales training programs. During my time at Coca-Cola Amatil, as State manager New Business, I saw Mark as a valuable extension to the standard company training resources.”

Troy Collins

Leadership | State Manager | Sales Manager | Account Manager | Coaching | Capability Development

How do we do that?

Old school sales training simply doesn’t work. Telling is not training. Watching a video is not training. Most training programs fail when it it comes time to execute on newly learnt skills.

We coach sales professionals, in live coaching sessions, HOW to execute high-quality outbound activity that’s valuable for their clients and gets results.

Our ‘live coaching session’ helps reps to take action in a credible and authentic way.

“Knowing is not enough- we must apply” – Bruce Lee

We place the training focus on the implementation of the skills rather than the delivery of the training content. 

My client’s best results always come when we work together. Because together we make the changes that they really need to make. We do this by digging deeper to understand their specific selling situation and then apply those new strategies ethically.

What we will cover?

Always be helping (Not always be closing)

Don’t be a desperate seller

Developing a peer-to-peer mindset

Define your perfect client

ICP/ Personas

How do they communicate?

What are their priorities?

What does their day look like?

Build a cadence to best suit your ideal prospect

The mindset of your buyer

What makes prospects say YES or NO

Outbound Email

Messaging on LinkedIn

Text Messaging strategies

Trigger points to easy conversations

Beating call reluctance

Calling scripts & processes

Best call structure, including

  • Tone, Pitch, Pace
  • Gaining permission
  • Next steps
  • Voicemail (yes or no)?

Self-coaching tool

What are your top objections?

Why do we get objections?

How can we best prepare?

Minimise objections

6 Objection strategies

Build your LinkedIn profile to support your sales goals

Virtual selling basics


What you get:


We will run 6 – 8 of these programs this calendar year. Put your name down to hold your spot in the next POW Course.

Start to finish – typically 5- 6 weeks.

Once you’re enrolled you can access your content immediately. The coaching sessions take place weekly (x 4).

Expect to spend 60mins in each coaching session, 45mins for each piece of on demand content and about another hour to complete your activity. 3hrs per week usually does it.

Tuesday 0830 & Thursday 12 noon (Sydney Time).

The same session runs twice. If you miss one or the timing is simply not appropriate simply join the other session.

All sessions are recorded and available.

Although, we strongly recommend you make the live coaching sessions as this is where the breakthroughs happen.

There are 2 individual coaching sessions, one at each end of the course.

The first is designed to set you up for success and is conducted before you start the course.

The second is after the training is delivered.

This second session, work’s through any particular areas where you might not be 100% confident. We work on whatever area you want. Each session is about 45mins.

Expect to see responses to your outreach and new conversations started.

How quickly? This program builds week by week as each part of your prospecting play improves. If you’re taking action as the course progresses, you should see measurable results within 3 weeks.

Based on our previous successes, we are so confident that this program produces results that, if you’ve not been successful, and you’ve implemented everything as prescribed, then we will give you your money back.

No sweat! I want happy and successful clients, if they can’t be successful, at least they’ll be happy.

If you have 3 or more sellers reach out for a chat about the best way to bundle their coaching conversations and activities. [email protected]

If you’re selling in the B2B space, have a focus on creating new business either exclusively or partly and you have a proven product in the marketplace that people are currently buying then this program will help you.

If you’re a BDM, BDR, SDR, AE etc then this is perfect for you. If you are spending 3hrs or more per week trying to find new clients you’re a fit. if you have a database of clients, complete with phone numbers and email addresses, you’re good to go.

If you are a solopreneur or a selling CEO, a small business owner who needs more sales, this will work for you.

This is not for you if: 

  • You’re brand new to sales. (New in your role is cool, being new to sales will be a challenge).
  • If you DO NOT have access to lists, names, numbers and email addresses.
  • If you don’t have time to prospect, conduct outbound every week, this is not for you.