Our # 1 Performing Email Subject Line.

This is just part of the material we shared on the Webinar (25th July, 11am AEST).

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Sales Development Australia is an outsourced SDR agency. We make thousands of outbound motions, to hundreds of business, for dozens of companies every single week.

This gives us unique data that tells us what works here in Aus/ NZ 🇦🇺 and what doesn’t.

Based on all this data, the best email subject line that consistently scores 60%+ open rates is.

Use the first five numbers of the prospects mobile number then two words that have some relevance to the body of the email, without giving away what’s in the email.

Remember, the goal of a good subject line is only to get your email open & read.

“New lead list” or “SEO services for Sales Development Aust” etc are bad subject lines because these remove the need to open the email. The subject line tells you what it’s about. I can delete without concern.

[0423 0] [two words] – example.

0423 0 – divesting sales dev.

0423 0 website scramble

The very next first line of text in your email will show up as preview text in outlook or on your smart phone.

We make sure we don’t use something predicable like ‘Hey David, hope you’re well’ because you’re wasting that critical text opportunity.

So we use “as per my text” or “as per my voicemail”

Making sure we’ve just called and left a message or dropped a text immediately before we send this email means we have an open rate of above 60% across multiple campaigns.

Of course the multi-channel outreach, delivered in a short time frame, really helps provide some confidence to the prospect that it’s a deliberate attempt to converse with them.

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The thing I love about this is that the sales gurus and thought leaders say placing numbers in your subject line doesn’t work. Their data says using numbers reduces the effectiveness of your emails.

What they mean is…
If you use any variation of typical email templates, with numbers, you’ll get poor results.

Think outside the square.

I recently read that only 4 out of every 100 sales emails are sent manually with the remainder being sent via automation such as sales engagement tools or mar-tech software.

Importantly, those 4 manual emails had a 1200% higher response rate than the automated emails.

Send all your emails manually.

Buyer attention is the first goal of outreach.

If you look and sound just like everyone else, at best, you can only get the same results as everyone else and – those results are never as good as you think.

Rather than take my examples above and replicate exactly.
Instead, think about how you can stand out and demonstrate to your prospects that you’re a real person with something of value/ interest to share.

If you’ve got a great email idea or killer subject line, please share it with me over on LinkedIn. 👍 

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