A breakdown of my current LinkedIn play.

I’ve been using LinkedIn with the type of deep focus I haven’t had since 2018.

I’m using a simple play that is lifting my visibility and driving new inbound conversations every week. I know you all love a ‘breakdown’ so here’s my play.
Steal it, adapt it, use it.

4 Steps.

  • 1: Engagement buckets
  • 2: Connection strategy
  • 3: View my profile
  • 4: Invite

Step 1: Engagement Buckets 

I’ve created two of what I call ‘engagement buckets’ to send people to. (lead magnets.)
I’ve created a private group and rolling LinkedIn events.

1: A new A/NZ-only Sales group called ‘Sales & Surf’.

2: A new LinkedIn Q&A panel-style event.

These are the two locations where I want people to go to if they are both active on LinkedIn and in my target ICP. (As a third piece of engagement, I move my very best followers into this VIP email.)

Keeping these buckets going is relatively easy once you’ve done the initial work of setting them up.
It could also be a LinkedIn newsletter, LinkedIn Live or whatever works for you.

Step 2: Connections.

Every week, I aim to send out about 100 connection requests.

First, I do a simple SalesNav search.

FILTERS applied in SalesNAV

CONNECTIONS: 2nd degree

LOCATION: Aust/ New Zealand.

FUNCTION: Sales/ Business Development/ Marketing.

SPOTLIGHT: Active on LinkedIn last 30 days.

I then send 20 – 30 connection requests most days from that search.
Blank – no text in the connection request.
(Bonus tip. Save the search so it’s easy to recreate.)

A bunch of people accept, and a bunch don’t 🤷‍♀️

Step 3: View my profile.
This part of the platform is very underrated and underused, in my opinion.
I’m on the record of saying this for years now.

Anyone who views my profile that fits my ICP, I’m going to try and interact with them.

The options I have available to me are.
A: Message them and ask them to join one of the buckets.
(LinkedIn Events OR Private Group)

B: If we are connected already, I’ll send them a peek-a-boo Giff or a simple “How are you?”
C: If they’re not a connection, I’ll try to add them as a connection.

Step 4: Invite.
As the admin of the group and the LinkedIn events, I can invite my first connections to those events.
So I do.

Bonus Step 4A

I also try to run a robust messaging routine to interesting recent and existing connections. 

What about all those posts?
My posted content allows me to interact with others and share my ideas but provides the least amount of new interactions.
I consider this to be my ‘marketing’, whereas the other steps are my active sales play.

After years of posting on the platform, I’m still surprised by the number of people who reach out to me and say something like, “I’ve been reading your stuff for years, and it’s great” but I’ve never seen them interact with anything.

LinkedIn Lurkers are real and valuable.

I also spend a bunch of unstructured time interacting with stuff I like on LinkedIn. I know these activities also feed the algorithm, and people see those interactions. It’s not really a social selling play for me, just me on social.

Whilst this strategy works for me, it might or might not work for you.
I have 10 years of a finely tuned LinkedIn network to fall back on.

Chances are, if your network has not been deliberately created, your results might vary.
The quality, not the quantity, of your network is critical.

You might want to run a strength text if you’ve built your network by accepting connections from any Tom, Dick & Harry.

(Ask me how)

Technology required:
1 x SaleNAV license.

1 x Elago Stream Deck.
The stream deck allows me to load text into it, so it’s a simple one-touch paste into DMs.
E.G. Inviting someone to this mailer or the private group requires a one-touch button.
I can easily edit the text from there, which saves time.

ZERO automation.

Let em know how you go or better yet share with me your current LinkedIn methodology if it’s generating enquiries for you.

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