⬆️ This (low-tech) no-fail prospecting play is guaranteed to work

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✅ Do this and you’ll never fall behind in prospecting again.

How to trick yourself into becoming the best prospector in your organisation and you’ll have your best sales year ever.
Sales activity is the biggest challenge for most people’s sales results.
The problem is usually not enough prospecting activity. 
➡️ First the theory:
Selling is just like investing.
Over time, small amounts invested often create large amounts of wealth.

Apply those same rules to prospecting.
Small amounts of activity, done often, create massive results over time.

But we forget this in the never-ending pressure to close deals by the end of the month or the quarter. 
This focus on short-term results means we stop prospecting once we have a few opportunities open, we flip to focus on closing them – only to run out of new opps and the feast and famine cycle starts again. 
In reality, conducting as low as 5 new business conversation attempts every single day creates massive results on day 90 or 120.

The trick is to make it easy to do.

➡️ The Strategy:
Commit to 5 new prospecting activities every day for 90 days.
Get 5 poker chips and place them on the left-hand side of your desk.

Every time you make a full attempt to have a conversation with a prospect move one chip across to the other side of the desk.

Make sure you move all 5 from the left-hand side of the desk to the right-hand side every single day.

Over a 90-day cycle – you’ll conduct 300 prospecting activities. 
Many of these would’ve become conversations, some opportunities and others sales.

But importantly, you’ve pulled yourself out of the typical peaks and troughs the average seller struggles with.
You’re back in control of your destiny.
💥 A prospecting day might look like this. 💥
08:40 – Prospect 1:
Make a call, send a text and an email.
Move token # 1.
10:43 – Prospect 2:
Send an email, visit their LinkedIn profile and send a connection request.
Move token # 2.
12:45 – Prospect 3: (Lunch)
Pop a handwritten card in the postbox.
Move token number 3.
15:05 – Prospect 4:
Call, Send an email.
Move token # 4
17:35 – Prospect 5:
Visit their LinkedIn profile, interact with content, create awareness and send a connection request.
(Could you do this on your evening commute)
Move token # 5
Then, move all tokens back to the lefthand side of the desk ready for the next day.

Repeat for 90 days.
Taking action that produces real results requires consistency of effort not massive effort.

Consistently good beats, occasionally great.
Stop trying to be the BEST prospector and simply try to be a consistent prospector. 

Chunk it down into bite-sized pieces, and watch the results compound.

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