The Number Plate Campaign. 26% Meeting Conversion.

Parts of this have been shared in a previous post but here I’ll give you all the micro details so you can replicate something similar yourself.

This post includes templates, cadence, emails, voicemails, SMS, cold calling scripting and where we got the tools from etc.

Quick background. 

Recently we had a client who had just 22 prospects they wanted to speak with. In our pre-campaign research, only 4 picked up their mobile when we pre-called.

So we knew we had to create a compelling reason for them to chat with us, that we could leverage.

With only 22 possible meetings, if our outreach missed or didn’t resonate, it was going to be a problem for the client, and us.

Our client provides customised, AI workflow solutions, specific for the auto-industry.. By providing a personalised number plate, we tied it together with the customised AI solution.

It’s a thin connection but in the conversation to drive a meeting and with the reciprocity of a truly personalised gift it was strong enough.

We end up with 16 conversations and 5 booked meetings for less than $60 each.

Here’s how we did that.

Mini Plates

The number plates were a combination of the company name, the owners’ name or their titles.

Examples of the plate we sent were.




We also created handwritten cards, personalised and printed from Cardly. (Cardly is hard to work out but worth it once you have it sorted).

We then packed the card and the number plates together and send them out via Aust post, with tracking to each of the 22 prospects.

We then waited for them to be delivered and used them as an excuse to start a conversation.

3 were returned to sender, lost or tracking wasn’t enabled.
We were down to 19 prospects.


Day 1: Call

Day 2: Call, SMS or VM, Email

Day 4: Call, Call Office, Reply Email

Day 6: Call, SMS, Email.

All we did in each of the outreach methods was lean heavily on the ‘gift’ of the mini-personalised number plate.

We avoided talking about the tech or the solution, just that we’d helped others, just like them.

Overall 5 meetings from a possible 19 conversations and 16 conversations that were relatively easy to conduct.

Below I’ve shared all the outreach for you.

Hope you find it valuable.

Actual OUTREACH as we used it.

Day 1:


[Name] I sent you the Number plates last week… it’s Mark.

Have you thrown them out already? 

Haha… I would’ve too.

Thanks for picking up. So you’re probably wondering why we’ve sent you some personalised plates, right? 

Of course.
Our CEO is a guy called [CEO}, he was on the card, included with the plates.

Anyway he has worked specifically with the auto industry over the last few years to help with AI/ automation of simple processes.

He has recently finished a bunch of projects and wanted to see if he could get a chat with you.

Some of the businesses he has worked with are [Auto Distr] [Auto Distr2] & [Auto Distr3].

Because you’re in the sector, he figured you’d be great to meet and in return he could share what some of the other distributors and retailers have automated or in the middle of automating. 

Gatekeeper Strategy:

Is [XXX] there…. It’s Mark.

Shoot, I was hoping to catch him, I’m  in between my meetings here.

I sent [name] a gift a week ago. It was a personalised number plate, did you see that?

Well that’s what I’m calling about.

We are trying to hook up  [Name] and my CEO.

I just know he is super busy so I thought if we sent through something a bit cute it would be harder for us to get lost amongst all their other communications.

Hey, maybe you can help me out?

What’s the best way to get a conversation or to swap a couple of emails with [name]

Day 2: Call. VM/ Text. Email.


Use the same script as above


[Name] I’m the personalised number plate guy.

I’ll give you a call back tomorrow.

I sent through an email yesterday with the subject line number plate. Have a look and perhaps respond to that if you’d like to short circuit tomorrow’s call.


[Name] I’m the personalised number plate guy.

I’ll give you a call back tomorrow.

Second text: (sent immediately)
There’s an email in your inbox from yesterday, I’m [Mark]


Subject Line: personalised number plates


Did you get the mini number plates we sent you? 

** If only more people who wanted your opinion would start with a cute gift**

Our CEO, [Name] wanted to know if you would be open to a peer-to-peer conversation about what some of the auto distributors and retailers are doing with process automation?

I will call you in the next 48 hours to see if we can arrange something easy for you.  

You’ll know it’s me – I’ll keep referencing the number plates.

Alternatively, if you want to throw me some times that work for you in the next 2 or 3 weeks, I’ll find a time that fits both you & [CEO]

Day 4: Call, SMS, Reply Email.


Use the same script as above


[Name] Im, Mark, the number plate guy. Just trying to connect via a call or email.

Reply email: Reply.


My delivery tracking notification says that that number plate should now be in your office. It was signed for on [date].

[Name]’s recently worked with [Auto Distr] [Auto Distr2] & [Auto Distr3].

Worth connecting?

Day 6:

Call. Email.


(same scripting)

Do some research to find who else might be a suitable conversation start point and drop their name in the scripting…


Subject Line:  No plates?

[name] perhaps this is not your area of focus, should I reach out to [name/ other employee] given their roles as [role] 

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